We are a group of highly motivated and passionate people who have been in the industry for more than a decade. Our humble beginnings have led us to become acquainted with the design field efficiently. We mainly focus on restaurant interior fit outs and Office Interior Fit Outs in The United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We take pride in our ability to aid our clients in visualizing their dream commercial work spaces and bringing it to life. Each of our projects is chosen and created from scratch, and our carefully curated team of designers and architects come up with new creations that best fit your need, personality, lifestyle, and the general aesthetic you are aiming for.

We are one of the top choices of owners of commercial structures because of the flexibility we provide, coupled with the special decorative styles, customizations, and vast variety of combining modern and traditional styles as well as furniture. We ensure that our architecturally genius designs are made to last in the long run and that the materials used are sustainable and of top quality.

We are dedicated to being a company that produces beautiful designs that have their own unique personal and creativity. We are determined to carry out designs with the highest level of accuracy and effectiveness. Coming up with extraordinary ideas to perfection each time is made possible by our passion for interior design, our talented employees, and our loyal clientele.

Our specialized divisions

Matter Mind mission is to fulfill each client’s requirements on every project. To ensure complete satisfaction, Matter Mind has developed 3 Specialized Divisions that will cater to different needs. Each division is comprised of high caliber professionals equipped with technical knowledge, skills and years of extensive experience in the industry.

Commercial Division

Specialized in Commercial Offices, Malls, Retails, Showrooms, Universities, Schools, and Nurseries.

Healthcare Division

Specialized in Hospitals, Medical Centers, Laboratories and Clinics.

Hospitality Division

Specialized in Palaces, Hotels, Hotel Apartments, Lounges, Food & Beverages and Museums.


When we undertake our projects, we have an uncompromising vision for them. We create a vision for each project using a well-rounded approach in which we collaboratively assess the demands of the customer before providing the necessary services and materials. In our interior design concepts, we continuously create eco-friendly, and top-tier designs that have the best restaurant interior fit outs, that align with the needs and wants of the client and come up with elegant finishes. Our vision is to grow by providing services that attract satisfaction and help us on the path to being a large establishment. Our unwavering commitment to quality, service, and client advocacy shows how passionate we are about our work.


Our mission is to go above and beyond using our outstanding craftsmanship, industry knowledge, and years of experience to pay attention to intricate details, and the complete guarantee of client satisfaction. We focus mainly on restaurant interior fit outs and creating highly functional and aesthetically pleasing high end restaurants. Every part of our work, including the post-delivery maintenance is motivated by our determination to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our quality of work. We work hard to offer complete, individualized interior design and solutions that improve ambiance and quality while lowering costs and upkeep. By offering specialized solutions and services to all types of domains, such as interiors for homes, workplaces, educational institutions, etc. we hope to establish ourselves as a key player in the UAE market and expand into other important areas in the emirates and eventually expand globally.

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